If you know how to do something, you can teach other people to do it too

You’re invited to the good side of the internet. HerFloor is an online learning community. We’re here to grow, to learn, and to thrive – together.
Our teachers, who we call them mentors, are everyday creators, professionals, and entrepreneurs.
This is a place where ambition is mandatory, goals are celebrated, and the power of women shakes the digital world.


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When you're teaching, you are perceived as an expert.  Isn’t it true that most people including yourself would prefer to do business with an expert?

"Most people think you need to be an expert in a topic to teach it. The truth is no matter what level you’re at, you ARE qualified to teach other people."

— T. Harv Eker

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can teach on HerFloor?

Anyone can teach a course on HerFloor. Our courses are geared towards helping students put their new skills into action.

What's included in a HerFloor course?

All courses are pre-recorded. Minimum length of a course is 10 minutes (we suggest 20–60 minutes). Ideally, each video lesson focuses on a particular concept.

If there are two concepts in a video, we recommend that you break that into 2 videos.

How can I record my videos?

You can record using camera or screencasting software like Screenflow or Camtasia.

What matters is the quality of your content. Your course needs to solve a problem, and must enable students to reach to an outcome.

For example, an outcome based course for Social Media Marketing would be titled as:

a) How to create a content calendar for your Facebook page in 1 day.
b) How to create a Facebook Ad that generates leads in 48 hours.

Is there a course listing fee?

Listing a course is completely free on HerFloor. When a student enrolls in your course, you pay a 40% commission.

I don't know how to record a video, can you help?

Our support team is available to help and offers free review of your videos.

Email us at teach@herfloor.pk

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